Ghost Yard Sign DIY Painting Tutorial

It's offically fall y'all, which only means Halloween is just around the corner.  Our yard sign DIY kits have been very popular, therefore I decided to add this cute ghost, inspired from our September DIY home decor subscription box.

Follow along as I show you how to create one for yourself.
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    Step 1 - Paint the Eyes and Nose

    To start, I painted a base coat of black on the eyes and nose. I started with a foam sponge brush for the bottom and then used a detailed brush for the sides.  You could just use a detailed brush and skip the foam brush.  Then I let the black dry completely before I moved to the next step.

    Step 2 - Paint the Ghost

    Once the black was dry, I painted the front of the ghost 3 coats of white, letting each coat dry in between, and I sanded between coats to achieve a smooth finish. While I was waiting for the front to dry, I painted the stake black, this is optional, but I wanted the stake to blend in with the ground and give the appearance as if the ghost was floating. Once the front was completely dry, I painted 2 coats on the back, repeating the same steps.

    I then gave the ghost a final sand, wiped it down, and painted a final coat of black in the eyes and nose.

    The paint I used is an outdoor paint, which does not require a sealer, but if you wanted to seal it, I suggest a water-based polyurethane for exterior.  Make sure to use water-based to prevent the white from yellowing.  My favorite is

    Rust-Oleum Ultimate Spar Urethane Water-Based.


    Step 3 - Personalize It

    Our kit offers several phrases to choose from, or you can personalize it with a name. 

    For this step, you want to make sure the paint is completely dry. Using a squeegee card, or a plastic card, prepare the decal for application by rubbing a plastic card firmly across the front or back paper. This will help the decal adhere to the transfer tape. Carefully peel off the white backing paper on the decal. Then, place the decal on the ghost, and smooth it down with your fingers or plastic card. Next, remove the transfer tape slowly by rolling it back. If the decal is lifting, carefully lay the transfer tape back down and smooth it down again.

    Step 4 -Add a stake and place it in your yard

    For the final step, I used an electric drill to drive the screws and hand tighten them to just snug. I was making sure not to over tighten the screws. Then I placed it in my yard!


    Which of these Ghost could you see in your yard to celebrate Halloween?




    • What a great kit with a very professional looking sign at the end of it. Thanks for sharing this tutorial to go with it.

    • You made it look so simple.


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